Zamboanga-based Net Cafe to Host Regional CS Tournament

In what could become one of Mindanao's largest CS:GO tournaments this year, an internet cafe in Zamboanga is about to gather teams from all over Mindanao in order to fight for regional supremacy.

Six teams from Zamboanga City and four invited teams from all over Mindanao will fight for the honor of being the first-ever Metronoia CS Pro Cup champions as well as the lion's share of the massive P50,000 prize pool.

The tournament playoffs is slated for December 16-17 later this year, with the Zamboanga qualifiers to be held "1-2 weeks from now," according to the tournament organizers.

Metronoia Cyber Cafe in Zamboanga City. Photo by Metronoia.

In addition, Metronoia has mentioned that they expect many teams from Zamboanga City and the surrounding towns to participate in the local qualifiers, which is slated to be a best-of-one, double elimination bracket. They also stated that there will be a round-robin group stage, followed by a best-of-three single elimination format beginning from the semifinals onwards.

Dal Ty, the owner of the cafe, mentioned in a quick interview with WASD that "we wanted to give back to our customers who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as to give opportunities for players to hone their skills in order to improve their game." He ended by saying that the tournament would serve as a showcase of local CS:GO talent as well as serve as another ground for players to enjoy their game.

Metronoia Cyber Cafe is considered to be one of the best internet cafes in Zamboanga Peninsula, hosting many esports tournaments in the region, as well as having the fastest internet connection available in the peninsula. They also have a professional Counter-Strike team, which is considered to be an up-and-coming squad.


UPDATE: WASD has just received reports that Davao-based EZPZ and a "Cagayan de Oro-based team" are about to be invited to the tournament. We are currently reaching out to the parties for comment.


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