TNC and Metronoia Advance to Playoffs of Asian CS Tilt

In what could be considered as one of the weirdest CS:GO tournaments in Asian CS so far, Metronoia and TNC Pro Team go to the top 16 of the Extremesland Asia Elite CSGO Cup SEA category after five teams lost by default due to immense technical problems.

Out of 85 teams participating, only 16 were left after two days of matchups, which resulted in many teams being eliminated outright.

The first placer will get $1000 (P50,000), while the second placer will get $600 (P30,000).

Other prizes are as follows:

  • Semi-finalist: $300 (P15,000)
  • Quarter finalist: $100 (P5,000)

TNC and Metronoia will only have to win a standard best-of-one on Tuesday, January 16 (two bans for each team, with a randomizer for the remaining maps) in order to get into the money. Going onwards, they will simply need to play best-of-threes against names such as Sabertooth, BOOM.ID and nxL.

Teams such as Beyond, Signature, MiTH, Recca, UTM, Mineski, Fire Dragoon and BOOT-ds were not allowed to join the tournament.

Earl Carlo "dreamslayer28" Guevarra is the head editor for Play on WASD. His work is forthcoming in CSGO2ASIA, Crossfire Stars and GAMURS.

Formerly the lead FPS writer for eSports by INQUIRER.

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