TNC and Metronoia Advance in Asian Tilt, 21 Teams Remain

Apart from Mineski, several Filipino teams have fought in the B5 CS:GO Elite Cup for the Southeast Asian category and out of the 85 teams from the region who joined, only 21 have remained.

Here are the teams that participated and remained, as well as the information for the matches:

TNC: 16-2 against pjmasks on Inferno
Metronoia: 16-10 against Fishermen eSports on Mirage
ArkAngel: 6-16 against NephTheBEST*
Clover: 1-16 against Executioners on Inferno

With these results (and according to the information made to the public), TNC and Metronoia would only have to do one more official match before they go into the main stage, as there are only 21 teams left in the list.

Imperium Pro Team, Ramage Esports, Fractals and Wolves.PH did not report their results as of press time.

The next set of matches will happen later tonight.

Earl Carlo "dreamslayer28" Guevarra is the head editor for Play on WASD. His work is forthcoming in CSGO2ASIA, Crossfire Stars and GAMURS.

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