The Best Philippine CS:GO Teams: Middle of 2017

Just before the main events of this year’s competitive season are unveiled in full force, it would be good for people to examine the Filipino teams that have made the most impact so far, both locally and internationally.

It is clear that there are squads and people that were able to exceed expectations, regardless of the odds that they were facing.

WASD, the Editorial Staff and its Head Editor would like to present to you the second edition of the top ten CS:GO teams here in the Philippines.

A combination of local and international results as well as qualitative assessments based on player and team performances have been used to create the ranking system.

Without further ado, here are the top ten Philippine CS teams for the pre-season of 2017:

1. Mineski (no change)

They have never been kicked out of the top of the Philippine rankings since their inception in January 2016. It should also be mentioned that ever since WASD and its editorial staff launched the rankings, Mineski never went away from the top spot despite a strong challenge by 1nconsistent in the latter part of 2016.

With their legacy in the Philippine scene more than assured, it is high time for them to find new pastures to grow, particularly in the Asian scene. One way for them to ensure their place in the annals of Philippine esports is to win a relevant Asian championship, get into the Minor or get top eight in an interregional tournament that includes teams from Europe and North America.

Mineski has all the potential to become one of Asia’s powerhouses. They just need to step it up one more notch in order to reach that spot.

2. IPT (no change)

Being the only other team thus far that represents the Philippines in Asian tournaments is a big advantage, as it ensures that they’ll be inside the top three unless they remove everyone in the squad right now.

With that being said, qualifying for a P100,000 tournament enables them to make a strong showing for the title of being the country’s second best team. In addition, winning a decently-sized tournament in the form of Haven and getting good records in the Havoc leagues clearly solidifies their case for staying in this spot.

3. Fractals (+2)

This team has already shown that they are strong contenders for becoming one of the country’s top sides since the beginning of their journey. As Duel Kings, they’ve shown only a fraction of that potential; however, with their new iteration as a team, they’ve gotten many decent placings such as TeSL and ASUS.

If they continue to improve their results and start competing internationally in their full strength, they might just become the alternative for fans that are looking to support someone other than the big names in the form of Mineski and IPT.

On a side note, this team has been relatively stable in comparison to many of the teams in this list. Will they be able to keep it up?

4. Rekt eSports (NEW)

Every single month, young talents come up with old hands in order to create new squads that can compete with the country’s best. Rekt is one of the examples of this trend, and it paid off big time for them through a top two placing in the ASUS ROG Masters as well as a top two finish in the inaugural Haven CS:GO tournament  and podium placings in other smaller tournaments.

Can they rise further? Can they keep themselves together?

4. G1.Wolves (+3)

Talk about bouncing back. From nearly being swept from the top ten to becoming one of the top four teams in the Philippines again is no mean feat.
However, they still have a lot of room to improve if they want to bring back the glory of the 2015 (or the late 2016) lineup.

After all, the Wolves are considered to be a household name in Philippine CS.

6. Hyve Havoc (NEW)

While Hyve is yet to win a big championship, they have already proven their potential. With several big-name members,  they have been boasting good records in other tournaments this year.

7. Gaon Gaming/REKTAR (-4)

The members of the team that got second place at TeSL have already gone their separate ways. This will be the last edition of the rankings that will have Gaon Gaming in it, as many of the members have gone to REKTAR.

REKTAR, for their part, has placed a top three finish in a tournament during the middle of this year. This means that the team will still keep their spot in the top ten for next few months or so.

8. Wargodz.AG (NEW)

Getting into the top four of a national qualifier and winning a small, albeit heavily-stacked CS:GO tournament have allowed Wargodz to surge into the rankings, along with Hyve, Rekt and Kingsmen.

The future remains to be seen for this team.

9. Fallen 5 (-4)

They are now back to where they started in terms of the top ten Philippine rankings. With only their top eight finish in TeSL, some good qualifier runs and a top three online ladder tournament finish, they need to keep their accomplishment resumes fresh if they want to keep themselves alive in this ranking.

10. Kingsmen (NEW)

It is an open secret in the Philippine esports scene that they are the “Mineski Academy” team that WASD has revealed back in 2017. This pedigree ensures that many people have high expectations for this team; after all, having the tacit support of one of the country’s largest esports organizations ensures that they fight on slightly better terms than the rest.

Now that they have a good lineup, the question is: Will they live up to their name? Will they rise up the ranks…or will they crumble under the pressure of keeping a stable roster?


Editorial Notes:

Even though they are not in the rankings, Samurice, Five Peaks, EZ PZ and Incognito have all chances to take spots in the next ranking, especially if any of them grab a big win or qualify for a large local tournament.

Meanwhile, CGH only had their top four finish in TeSL and a top three online ladder tournament finish. As a result, they’ve gone away from their spot (they are basically at #11 right now) and they’ve lost their chances to contend for the top 10 at the moment. The same goes for WarBiz, who have shown relatively better performances in the earlier part of the year.

AC Gaming, Alpha Dogs and 1nconsistent (who were in the last edition of the rankings) are now finally non-existent, with their members shuffling to other teams. This, in turn, tells a lot about the actual state of the Philippine scene today.


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Earl Carlo "dreamslayer28" Guevarra is the head editor for Play on WASD. His work is forthcoming in CSGO2ASIA, Crossfire Stars and GAMURS.

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