Summer League Wave Two Opens Tomorrow

After a one week break from TESL LAN Finals, we're back with intense CS:GO action as the second wave of our Summer League kicks in tomorrow May 8, 2017. 21 teams from all over the country will duke it out to claim the second championship. n00bteam, the wave one champion with a revamped roster will try to defend their throne but this time they are up for a challenge as their first game is against CGH who grabbed the 3rd-4th place last TESL Finals.

Notable teams joining are CGH, Gaon Gaming, Fractals, Fallen5 who are among the best in the country currently.

Familiar names are joining the list. Haven eSports, Altera Vita, UBECTipsy Pigs, Medjo Reges Terrae, UBEC, Wolves, WarBiz and Storm's End Gaming are back to prove themselves.

G-VORTEX who helped us last TESL will send their own team how far will they go?

There will be two matches everyday with the exception of Sunday. First match will start 8pm followed by 10pm to accommodate teams who have members working during office hours.

And to open the league, we will have Fallen5 vs UBEC for the first match followed by Get in Position vs WarBiz.

We wish all teams good luck!

Summer League Wave 2 Bracket
Summer League Wave 2 Schedules
Summer League Wave Two Teams/Roster

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