SK Gaming Beats FaZe 3-1, Wins IEM Sydney

Brazilian squad SK Gaming wins Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney after beating FaZe Clan, 3-1, in the grand finals.

With FaZe banning Cobblestone and SK taking out Nuke, five maps were up for grabs in the map veto phase. Train went up first, followed by Cache, Inferno, Overpass and Mirage.

Train was FaZe’s pick; however, with SK Gaming putting up a 12-3 lead in the first half, the international squad almost mounted a comeback as they brought it to striking range; however, SK won enough rounds on their Terrorist side in order to make it 16-13 in their favor.

After winning the first map, the Brazilians comfortably took their pick. SK crushed FaZe on Cache as Finn “karrigan” Andersen and co. could not find any answers on the map, with the Brazilians taking a score of 16-7.

On Inferno, FaZe got to 10-5 on the Terrorist side of the map, then seemed to lose their grip on the map until Norwegian star Håvard “rain” Nygaard won a couple of clutches on the defensive side. This allowed karrigan and his team to keep themselves alive in the tournament, making it up 2-1.

Finally, on the fourth map on Overpass, the match in the first half went back and forth as FaZe and SK kept their grip on their respective economies. FaZe got a narrow lead of 9-6 on the CT side of the map, but were unable to take more than two rounds on the Terrorist side due to SK’s calculated defense.

As a result, SK get the fourth map, thus closing out the series and getting the IEM Sydney trophy.

Other participants were Renegades, Chiefs, North, OpTic Gaming, ViCi Gaming and Astralis.

As a result of their first place win, SK Gaming get $100,000, while FaZe take home $30,000, with lesser amounts going to the rest of the teams who are taking part in the event.

This is the second straight LAN title for the Brazilians after winning cs_summit in Los Angeles against CIS side Gambit eSports, 3-1.

The win brings SK Gaming back into contention as one of the best teams in the world, along with mixed powerhouse FaZe and defending major champions Astralis.



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