Report: ROG Net Café Chain to Plan Big CS:GO Tournament

WASD Philippines reported in the past two days that several esports entities in Mindanao are set to roll out high-level regional CS tournaments in the upcoming weeks.

In another shocking turn of events, sources relate that a well-established internet café franchise in Davao is about to conduct their own CS competition.

Information gained by the publication has shown that ROG Net Café, a well-established internet shop franchise in Davao, is pushing to have another edition of the widely successful “ROG Net Shop Champions League”, with “bigger prizes and participants.”

There were no available details on the date, venue and prize pool, with sources stating that they are still in the “preliminary stage of negotiations.”

The café chain is already known for its Mindanao-wide Dota 2 and FPS leagues, with 50-100 teams participating in these competitions and having prize pools of up to P60,000.

Along with the report that ZeSL is aiming for a six-digit tournament, this marks a huge shift in the balance of CS events in the Philippines. In the past six months, only Mineski and WASD were the ones who were able to breach the six-digit mark in their respective prize pools.

The fact that organizers from Visayas and Mindanao now have the potential ability to create big-ticket leagues of their own show how quickly the domestic scene has improved over the past two years.

The organizers were not immediately available for comment as of press time.



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