REPORT: Major eSports Organization to Hire CS:GO Academy Team

It seems that the Philippine CS shuffle would never end. This time around, it may just shake the Philippine scene entirely.

Multiple sources close to the negotiating parties say that one of the country’s biggest esports organizations is currently hiring talents from different top teams and form them into a second “superteam” that will represent their brand, both locally and internationally.

According to these same sources, there are ongoing negotiations between the players and the management. If this turns out to be true, this will be the first time a major organization hires an academy team in the history of Philippine CS:GO.

An academy team would allow the said organization to have a stable practice partner. It will also serve as a ground where they can breed younger talents for the main team. Finally, it is more than probable that the move will allow the entity to continue competing locally and internationally at the same time.

The said event comes just after the conclusion of the Tarlac eSports League (TeSL), which saw local powerhouse Mineski win the title over Visayan side Gaon Gaming, 16-6, on Train.

Interestingly, local teams also fought in the PGL Asia Minor SEA Qualifiers a couple of days earlier, with Mineski getting a surprise loss to unranked team NUTZ in the fourth round and Imperium Pro Team being eliminated by Thai side Signature, 2-0, in the quarterfinals.

Earl Carlo "dreamslayer28" Guevarra is the head editor for Play on WASD. His work is forthcoming in CSGO2ASIA, Crossfire Stars and GAMURS.

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