Report: Iligan-based Organization set to Conduct Major CS Tourney

After WASD Philippines reported yesterday that the Zamboanga eSports League (ZeSL) is planning to conduct a “six-digit” Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament for teams in Mindanao, sources relate that a prominent cyber café chain in Iligan is on the process of finalizing details for a major “Mindanao CS tournament” and is currently negotiating with a “prominent tournament organizer” in order to “partner up and ensure the success of the competition.”

The franchise is described “as an up-and-coming brand” who wants to “expand their business” while at the same time “promote the growth of the CS scene in Mindanao.”

With reports coming in that esports organizations in Zamboanga and Davao are contemplating to have big CS tournaments for the region, it seems that the future of Mindanao CS looks bright for 2017.

Meanwhile, for the 2017 season, WASD Philippines just concluded the Tarlac eSports League (TeSL) on April 28, which saw Luzon powerhouse Mineski win the inaugural title over Visayan side Gaon Gaming, 16-6, on Train.

This does not include smaller online and LAN competitions conducted by WASD, Mineski and other tournament operators.



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