Project Xandata Holds Invitational Tournament; Emotwo Back-to-Back Champions

Emotwo wins the ESGS 2017 CO-AX Invitational after beating We Don’t Know Anything (WDKA) in the grand finals at the main tage of the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) in SMX Convention Center, Pasay City on October 29, Sunday.

The first round of the competition involved a "Domination" mode where players needed to capture and hold strategic points in order to win the game. Meanwhile, the second round saw a variant of Call of Duty's famed "Dog Tags" mode, where players need to get the residues of their opponents' corpses in order togain points to win the game.

Meanwhile, the final round saw a five-set elimination match, in which Emotwo won in convincing fashion.

As a result of their win, Emotwo gets the lion share of the P20,000 prize pool. Meanwhile, WDKA brings home a good amount of money for getting second place in the CO-AX Invitational.

Project Xandata looks like a polished title in this one!
Meanwhile, AVR wins third place after Reges Terrae failed to appear for their bronze medal match. Other teams that have participated include Five Knights and Palmetto Boys. All the participants received closed beta keys for their participation in the said tournament.

Emotwo has also won the PGF Trinoma Invitational back in 2016, thus making them the first-ever back-to-back champions of an official Project Xandata event.

Project Xandata is an upcoming first-person shooter (FPS) title being developed by Secret 6, a local game development studio.

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