Pacific.Macta Ends International CrossFire Tournament Run, Gets Bronze

After a heroic run in the CrossFire Global Invitational (CFGI), Pacific.Macta finish as semifinalists after they were beaten by Chinese side SV, 2-1, in the playoffs of the game's largest summer tournament.

Pacific.Macta earned their semifinal spot after winning three games against Brazil's RUDE GAME (10-8), Vietnam's Cherry Stars (10-5) and Europe's FlipSide Tactics (10-6) and losing their final group stage match against China's TGF (7-10).

As a result, they will bring home $25,000 (~P1.25 million).

This is Macta's second joint third/fourth place finish after getting the same results in last year's edition of the tournament. Meanwhile. fellow Filipino squad TNC has been defeated earlier after getting a 1-3 record in the round robin bracket.

The said finish once again solidifies Macta's place as one of the strongest non-Chinese CrossFire teams in the world. The Pacific team has already garnered multiple podium finishes in the past, including CFS Hanoi Invitational and CrossFire Stars, among others. The Filipino squad is also the current number one team in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, it will be an all-Chinese final in this year's CFGI as TGF and SV will face each other in a best-of-five series on Friday, 2:00 p.m.



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