Mineski Finishes Second in ESEA APAC Season 25

Once again, Philippines' very own Mineski has fallen short of winning a significant Asian championship as it fell down to Indonesia's Aerowolf in the grand finals of the ESEA Open Season 25 for the Asia-Pacific region.

Along the way, Mineski has beaten Virtual Genesis from Malaysia, RtE from China and their erstwhile rivals Recca Esports in order to reach the finals. Meanwhile, Aerowolf destroyed Darayu Delta Squad, Orange and Insidious to get their grand final spot.

In the map veto, Aerowolf removed Nuke, while Mineski removed Cache (as was their practice since late 2016). Then, Aerowolf picked Overpass, which was typically one of the Filipinos' strongest maps this year. Afterwards, Mineski picked Train, a supposedly safe choice for their pick. Rounding up, Aerowolf removed Inferno, Mineski removed Cobblestone and Mirage was left over as the deciding map.

The first map saw a close match; however, the mostly Indonesian squad, assisted by former JYP member Ashraf "acAp" Firdaus, won the necessary rounds in order to take Overpass at 16-14. Meanwhile, during the second map on Train, Aerowolf just went on a tear in the Counter-Terrorist side of the map as the Filipino squad struggled to find answers for Aerowolf's gameplay. In the end, the mixed SEA squad got Train at 16-7, thus closing out the series and getting the championship.

Thus, Aerowolf get $750 (~P37,500) for their championship run. Mineski get $500 (~P25,000) as a result of their second place finish.

Mineski has qualified for the Asia-Pacific round of the ASUS ROG CS:GO Masters after beating Rekt E-Sports, 2-0. In addition, in the semi-finals of the ESEA Open Season 25, they have made a personal record by finally beating Recca eSports, 2-1, on a reverse sweep (9-16 on Train, 16-12 on Mirage and 16-12 on Overpass).

It can be noticed that the maps played by Recca eSports and Aerowolf against Mineski in the ESEA playoffs bracket are totally identical; however, their difference is that they started and ended with different maps.



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