Four teams remain in ASUS national CS qualifier

With 80 teams participating from all over the country, Mineski, Fractals, Rekt and Wargods.AG were the ones who were able to qualify for the LAN finals of the ASUS ROG Philippine CS Qualifiers.

Mineski Events Team (MET) and its subcontractors were the ones who handled the online phase of the ASUS ROG Philippine CS qualifiers.

In regards to some previously asked questions posed regarding the state of the Philippine CS qualifiers, the team behind ASUS has given the following statement after several requests for comment:

“Yes, the Philippines will have a direct slot in the Asia-Pacific Qualifiers.”

The winner of the grand finals will receive P75,000 in cash along with freebies and the right to represent the country in the ASUS ROG Philippine CS Qualifiers. Meanwhile, the other three teams will receive trophies and merchandise.

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