Filipino Teams Fighting For Their Lives in WCA APAC Qualifier

A number of Filipino teams have participated in the Asia-Pacific Open Qualifiers of the World Cyber Arena for CS:GO, with Samurice, Imperium Pro Team and Mineski among the participants in the tournament. Also worthy of note is the participation of a team called RNG from Mindanao, which is mostly composed of young students from the region.

The top two teams in this qualifier will advance to the Main Regional Qualifier, which includes teams such as B.O.O.T.-DS, Recca and TheMongolZ, among others. The said qualifier will have nine teams divided into two teams, with four teams going to the playoffs for a share of the $35,000 prize pool as well as the honor of getting one of the two APAC slots for the WCA CS:GO tournament.

Teams such as Malaysia's JYP, Thailand's MitH and Indonesia's nxl have also taken part in the tournament.

IPT and Samurice have been eliminated as of press time, with Mineski still in the Round of 32 against a team called ORANGE.

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