FaZe to face SK-Gaming in IEM Sydney Finals

FaZe Clan, riding on the euphoria of winning their first grand finals at the StarLadder StarSeries Season 3 Championship last April, have once again claimed a Finals spot as they defeat current CS:GO Major champions Astralis in three maps (2-1) in IEM Sydney 2017.

Cobblestone, the first map pick by Astralis, went in the favor of the European FaZe mix in a hotly-contested game that almost saw the Danish Astralis side comeback from a disastrous first half. 16-13 to FaZe Clan.

On the otherhand, after another shaky beginning, Astralis was able to pull away from FaZe and even out the series 1-1 on FaZe's map pick, Nuke. 16-11 to Astralis.

The series decider was played on Train, with the map once more going in favor of FaZe out of the gates. With pistol rounds looking to be an effective strong point for FaZe, they seized early control of both halves, and while Astralis attempted to claw their way back, the European mix cleaned up and sealed the game, 16-9. 

FaZe Clan will move on to their third grand finals appearance in three tournaments to face SK-Gaming after the Brazilians cleaned up their match-up against the American OpTiC Gaming side, 2-0.


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