Execration Wins Outdoor Dota 2 Derby at BGC

Filipino powerhouse Execration wins against erstwhile rival Happyfeet after three action-packed games, 2-1, at the Face Off 2017 held in Bonifacio High Street Activity Center on November 18, Saturday.

Signature High-Octane Matchup

Happyfeet on the Radiant went for an extremely high-tempo lineup that can win teamfights, while Execration got an extremely balanced lineup that can contest Happyfeet at any stage of the game.

Just as the game started, Happyfeet member Rafael "Rapy" Palo kills James "james" Palatolon in order to get the first blood. Then, Happyfeet goes on to take two more kills as Execration only succeeds in getting one, making it 3-1. Clashes were happening left and right to the point that by the 20th minute mark, 41 kills have been marked on the scoreboard by the two teams. Two minutes later, Julius "Julz" De Leon got the first Roshan on his signature Shadow Fiend and on the 23rd minute mark, Happyfeet wiped out Execration at the cost of three kills and an Aegis.

Clashes continued until the 37th minute mark when Happyfeet finally breached high ground on the back of Julz’s SF, which had the highest net worth at this point of the game. Two minutes later, Execration tapped out as Julz got a Godlike streak and a triple kill in the game-ending clash.

Notable moments in this round included Julz and Execration captain Kimuel "kimo" Rodis getting on their respective key heroes and taking up the mid lane, SF being consistently at the top of the net worth charts despite being ganked by Execration incessantly (four times to be exact) and Jessie "Jessievash" Cuyco doing great plays on the Rubick throughout the match. Almost 80 kills have been recorded by the end of this map.

Tanks and Damage

With Happyfeet picking up a combo-heavy lineup that featured the likes of Queen of Pain, Monkey King and Tidehunter, with their supporting cast in the form of the stalwart Rubick and Treant, Execration decided to go for a multiple-lockdown lineup with Omniknight, Puck, Winter Wyvern, Jakiro and Sven.

One highlight of this match was that it took Execration minutes in order to take down Happyfeet’s Tidehunter and also the fact that Execration relentlessly chased their opponents throughout the map. In addition, both teams went for exactly the same three bans.

With Happyfeet getting their turn on the Dire side and Execration going on the Radiant, the match immediately saw its first blood at 1:26 as Jakiro kills Treant in a trilane setup at top lane. Then, the Execration top lane spun out of control, garnering multiple kills throughout the entirety of the laning phase on their lane.

At the ten-minute mark, Execration already grabbed an early 4,000 gold lead, as well as a comfortable amount of map control that allowed them to do whatever they wished, despite Happyfeet’s attempts to claw back into the game.

61 kills and half an hour later, the game ends with Execration sporting a net worth advantage of 17,000 gold, as well as getting their first game of the series.

Just Another Push Lineup

In the third game, Execration took no chances as they envisioned a push-heavy lineup consisting of Beastmaster, DK, Oracle, Huskar and Undying. Meanwhile, Happyfeet settled for an engage lineup that will allow them stall and go into the extreme late game with Puck, Tiny, Ogre, Silencer and Medusa.

The match started slowly as it took five minutes for the first blood to happen, but as soon as Ryan "Ragingpotato" Qui on the Oracle took it on the top lane, it sure just began a floodwave of aggression that went throughout the map. All the lanes registered kills during the first 10 minutes of the match and Execration even went for the five-man dive on the middle lane, eight minutes into the game, with the Oracle getting four kills and Happyfeet only able to do a scattered response.

At this point, it was only a matter of time before Happyfeet fell apart as Execration took fight after fight in a relatively clean manner. Indeed, by the 32nd minute mark, Happyfeet surrendered to the sheer force of Execration’s push lineup.

Overall Thoughts

With this ending, Execration takes the series, 2-1, despite falling behind 0-1 at the beginning of the entire matchup.

As a result, Execration is dubbed as the winner of The Faceoff 2017, while Happyfeet would have to find another way to get back at their rivals. Both teams received mementos from World Cyber Arena and Huawei Philippines.

The Faceoff is an outdoor Dota 2 showmatch produced by Huawei Philippines and World Cyber Arena as part of their promotions for Vidplus, a streaming platform to be used for this year’s WCA tournament.

Hundreds of people have attended the event, with multiple high-profile shoutcasters and various giveaways gracing the said activity. UPeepz, the current World Hiphop champions, have also made an appearance at the event.

Earl Carlo "dreamslayer28" Guevarra is the head editor for Play on WASD. His work is forthcoming in CSGO2ASIA, Crossfire Stars and GAMURS.

Formerly the lead FPS writer for eSports by INQUIRER.

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