Execration and WG.Unity Secure their ROG Masters Grand Finals Appearance

After more than 3 days of non-stop Dota 2 matches, The top 2 teams who will represent the APAC Region for the ROG Masters Grand Finals have been determined. Execration and WG.Unity secured their spot after defeating their respective opponents in their semi-final matches. Both teams didn't have an easy road as they faced formidable teams to prove that they deserve to represent the region.

WG.Unity (Malaysia) swept both BOOM ID (India) and Philippines' own TNC Pro Team. But the matches themselves didn't look like WG.Unity took their wins easily. Combining both good draft picks and teamwork, as well as capitalizing on their opponent's mistake, they took down TNC Pro team which is one of the favorites to win.

Meanwhile Execration (Philippines) defeated Interactive PH (2-0) before facing Clutch Gamers who also swept Geek Fam (2-0). Both teams were affected by the Post TI Roster Shuffle with CG's former carry Kim 'Gabbi' Villafuerte now playing under Execration's banner. The first game went to CG but Execration showed their resilience completing a reverse sweep and getting the last slot. The Grand Finals will take place in Malaysia this December.

Peter Paul "Hawchi`" Hidalgo - Play on WASD editor and assistant graphics artist.