Esports tournaments should focus more on quality, says WCA exec

Tournament quality and fundamental values are also important when creating tournaments, World Cyber Arena executive Zhang Xiao said on November 18, Saturday.

“When you evaluate a tournament, I think that the quality of a tournament is the most important part of it.”

He also touched upon the tendency of tournaments to focus on the prize pools of a tournament.

“Some organizers just use prize pools in order to attract the attention of people as well as the mainstream media and entice esports clubs into joining their tournaments,”Zhang said at a press conference for The Faceoff 2017 at The Pound in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Referees and players should also be given proper education on how the esports ecosystem works, Zhang said.

“We don’t just want to invest on tournaments, we also want to invest into the global esports ecosystem as a whole. As a matter of fact, we are going to help train players and referees improve the way that they view the industry.”

He also went on to envision how the World Cyber Arena will conduct its tournament this year, as well as his opinions on tournaments that focus only on prize pools.

“It is not a very healthy ecosystem when tournaments only think about prize pools. This year, we just want (people not to focus on the prize pools) and we just want to do something (very) simple,” he added.

In addition, the WCA executive also emphasized that they are currently trying to reach out to universities and other stakeholders in order to create “esports academies” that will allow growth and sustainability in the lower levels of the industry.

The WCA official ended the press conference by saying the following statement:

“We don’t want people talking about prize pools. I think it is useless.”

Zhang currently serves as the general manager of the World Cyber Arena projects management. He is responsible for handling partnerships and WCA-related events overseas.

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