ELEAGUE Major Day 1 Brief

Here is a quick recap for the first day of the ELEAGUE Major, considered to be Valve's premier tournament for CS:GO.

  • In a very close matchup on Mirage, VEGA Squadron edges out Australian side Renegades, 16-14.
  • The individual talents of German side mouseports were good enough to beat AVANGAR, 16-12, on Mirage. Chris "ChrisJ" de Jong recorded 30 kills on the map.
  • FaZe, although considered to be one of the top teams in the world, were in for a scare as they barely win 16-14 on Overpass against a Liquid that used their coach as a stand-in.
  • Mixed team Misfits had a surprisingly strong performance on Overpass as they beat CIS stalwarts F3, 16-4.
  • Sprout, consisting many members of former PENTA, won convincingly against much-hyped Turkish side Space Soldiers on Cobblestone, 16-11.
  • Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostliyev showed why he is considered to be the most talented CS:GO player in the world as he nearly single-handedly powers his way through fellow CIS side QB.Fire on the second half of Inferno, thus ensuring a dominant performance by Natus Vincere, 16-8. To note, Kostliyev had a 1.75 rating.
  • Flash Gaming showed that they have prepared for the Major by putting in a strong Terrorist side on Inferno against G2, 6-9. However, G2 made less mistakes overall, so they surive the Asian scare by winning the map 16-11.
  • Cloud9's individual skills showed through as they gave French side EnVyUs a master class on Cache, 16-11, with four of their players getting above-positive ratings in the matchup.
Here are the matchups for day 2:
  1. F3 versus Liquid
  2. Flash versus QB.Fire
  3. nV versus Renegades
  4. SS versus Avengar
  5. FaZe versus Vega
  6. Sprout versus C9
  7. mouz versus Na'Vi
  8. Misfits versus G2

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