Asian Mix 5POWER Club Grabs ASUS ROG Masters APAC Trophy, Gets First Asian Title

After months of intense competition, the ASUS ROG Masters Asia-Pacific Region has found its representatives for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive category.

Asian mix 5POWER Club get their first-ever Asian title after winning against Australian side Greyhounds, 2-1, in the Grand Finals of the ASUS ROG Masters APAC CS:GO Finals at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City on Sunday.

In the pick-ban phase, the Australian team took out Train first, then 5Power removed Nuke. Greyhounds got Overpass for their map pick and 5Power acquired Cache. Finally, 5Power removed Cobblestone and the randomizer picked Inferno for the deciding map, taking out Mirage in the process.

The first map on Overpass saw a quick match as the Australian side ramped up the pressure on the Terrorist side of Overpass, ensuring that they get a massive advantage as they get 11 rounds. Uopn switching sides, Greyhound continued their domination of the map as they only allowed the Asian mix to get one round on the Terrorist side, thus closing the map at 16-5.

Meanwhile, the second map on Cache was quite a different story, as 5Power quickly dashed forward, also getting 11 rounds on the attack. Greyhounds could only take three rounds on the second half before falling down to the strong defense of the Asian Mix on the second map.

On the final map on Inferno, Greyhounds wiped out the opposition on the Terrorist side of the map, before 5Power got their feet together in the 4th round. However, the Australians were able to reset their economy on the 5th, keeping the economy unstable for the Asian mix.

Still, 5POWER got what they wanted by getting up to nine rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side and from there on, took control of the game and finished the map, 16-10, in order to get their first-ever Asian tournament win.

As a result of their finals finish, both Greyhounds and 5Power Club will represent the Asia-Pacific region at the ROG Masters Global Finals in Malaysia later this year.

The ASUS ROG Masters APAC CS:GO Finals saw hundreds of local fans watching the games inside the ground floor of the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, from October 26-29, 2017.

Philippines’ Mineski, Thailand’s Signature Gaming, Australia’s Athletico Esports, Vietnam’s Vikings Gaming, Indonesia’s AKARA and Malaysia’s Fire Dragoon E-sports have all participated in the regional tournament.

Out of the eight teams that joined the tournament, Mineski, Signature Gaming and 5Power Club have appeared in the list of the continent’s top ten teams at one point or another.

The Filipino side finished their tournament run in the semifinals yesterday after losing to the eventual second placers in two close maps (7-16 on Train and 9-16 on Overpass).

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