5Peaks is back!

After a long hiatus, 5Peaks, led by their co-founder Lance 'MrFlirt' Reyes, will attempt to claim their throne back. The team produced some of our PH's top CS players such as Jayvee 'DubsteP' Paguirigan, Dominic 'Cpt.Hannibal' Fajardo, Stephen 'Getz' Doron, and many others. After announcing his retirement from the competitive CS, the remaining players of 5Peaks went to different teams.

 MrFlirt will be joined by Jhay 'inhuman' Quilicot, Kyle 'hero' Lara and 1nconsistent's former members Andrei 'AidreN' Catangay, Phillip 'Flippy' Castillo, and Lester 'lstr' Torres. 

It's exciting to see how this team unfolds under MrFlirt's leadership. Only time will tell.

Peter Paul "Hawchi`" Hidalgo - Play on WASD editor and assistant graphics artist.