GAB Reveals Initial Resolution on Esports Events

Earlier today, GAB, through freelance content creator Ren Vitug, has made public its initial set of guidelines for regulating Philippine Esports.

Here is a quick rundown of the issues and points for those who can't read the document.

  1. GAB didn't modify its previous sports regulations.
  2. A main stage of a tournament with items or money exceeding P10,000 is equal to a professional tournament.
  3. Tournaments will require participants to have an esports license.
  4. The esports license is valid ONLY until the owner's next birthday.
  5. The esports license requires documents, a proof of membership from a reputable esports organization and certain fees, depending on who's applying (player, analyst, commentator, organizer).
  6. The permit fee for tournaments per day is P800.
  8. Licensed Filipino players must secure written authorization from the GAB to compete abroad.
  10. However, GAB is set to talk to stakeholders on a national scale in the coming months.
  11. As a result, one or more items of the resolution are subject to change.

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Mineski: Road to the Top Six in WESG APAC

With the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) Asia-Pacific Finals looming in the horizon, Mineski has been placed with Indonesian powerhouse Recca, Vietnamese side UTM Esports, Chinese squad MAX and East Asian side EMC.

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Situation Roundup: Community Opinions

EDITOR'S NOTE: Situation Roundup is a series of articles focusing on Philippine FPS and related matters, gathered from reputable members of different communities who wanted to voice their points out. Open columns, open letters and opinions can be included in this article, with the final decision resting with the Editor and the higher board.

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Fire Base: Moving Forward and the Crossroad of Philippine Esports

Earlier this day, Valve has gave a statement that it removed the Major status from Galaxy Battles because of “new government regulations for esports players entering the Philippines” that are considered to be “unreasonable infringements on the privacy of the players, as a condition to enter the country.”

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The Philippine CS:GO Rankings: End of 2017

This is the almost the end of the 2017 season.

Some teams have risen rapidly, while some others have completely fell off the radar.

WASD, the Editorial Staff and its Editor-at-Large would like to present to you the second edition of the top ten CS:GO teams here in the Philippines.

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2017 Review of Philippine FPS by WASD

There is an Eastern saying which says, “Don’t talk about the things that you don’t know.”

Keeping this in mind and in line with WASD’s mandate as one of the leading FPS hubs here in the Philippines, the Editorial Team brings its annual review of the Philippine FPS scene!

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Metronoia Successfully Conducts Pro CS Cup, Mindanaoans Appear in Full Force

Esports is alive and well in the provinces.

Metronoia Cyber Café has just successfully held its first-ever Pro CS Cup, featuring ten teams from all over Mindanao, at its main branch in Zamboanga City on December 18-19, 2017.

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Metronoia Set to Conduct its Pro Cup, Includes Teams From all Over Mindanao

Metronoia Cyber Café is about to start one of Mindanao’s largest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournaments for the year 2017.

Dubbed the Metronoia Pro CS Cup, this CS:GO tournament features 10 squads from all over Mindanao, fighting for a prize pool of P50,000 as well as the honor of becoming the tournament’s first-ever champion.

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Playpark Conducts Community Christmas Party

In order to thank their fans and community for their active support, Playpark Philippines has conducted a Christmas festival at the Skydome in SM North Edsa on December 10, Monday.

Thousands of fans have participated in various activities that featured many of the game publisher's renowned titles such as RF Online, Cabal Online and Perfect World, among others. The festival took on the form of a large party as Shin "Shinboo" Ponferrada and Justin "VillSanity" Villaserran served as hosts for the event.

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Mineski to Represent the Philippines in WESG APAC Finals

Despite being a man short, Mineski gets another chance to represent the country as they beat ArkAngel in the grand finals of the WESG Philippine CS:GO qualifiers on December 10, Sunday.

Mineski needed to beat Triads and Imperium before they get to meet the newly-rebranded team in the grand finals. Meanwhile, the eventual second placers went up against Nemesis, Fractals and TNC to get their chance to meet the country's number one ranked team.

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