5Peaks is back!

After a long hiatus, 5Peaks, led by their co-founder Lance 'MrFlirt' Reyes, will attempt to claim their throne back. The team produced some of our PH's top CS players such as Jayvee 'DubsteP' Paguirigan, Dominic 'Cpt.Hannibal' Fajardo, Stephen 'Getz' Doron, and many others. After announcing his retirement from the competitive CS, the remaining players of 5Peaks went to different teams.

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Filipino Teams Fighting For Their Lives in WCA APAC Qualifier

A number of Filipino teams have participated in the Asia-Pacific Open Qualifiers of the World Cyber Arena for CS:GO, with Samurice, Imperium Pro Team and Mineski among the participants in the tournament. Also worthy of note is the participation of a team called RNG from Mindanao, which is mostly composed of young students from the region.

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Fire Base: What to Expect from the New Veto System?

A couple of hours ago, PGL and Valve have announced a change in the map veto system for the group stage of the upcoming Krakow Major. Instead of teams leaving the final map to a randomizer, one of the teams will actually get the chance to choose the map on which they will play.

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Four teams remain in ASUS national CS qualifier

With 80 teams participating from all over the country, Mineski, Fractals, Rekt and Wargods.AG were the ones who were able to qualify for the LAN finals of the ASUS ROG Philippine CS Qualifiers.

Mineski Events Team (MET) and its subcontractors were the ones who handled the online phase of the ASUS ROG Philippine CS qualifiers.

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Singaporean team makes Asian CS history; wins against TyLoo in DH Malmo qualifier final

B.O.O.T-Dreamscape, a team from Singapore, has won the Asia-Oceania spot for the DreamHack Malmo Masters after beating Asian number one side TyLoo, 2-1 (16-11 on Cobblestone, 8-16 on Overpass and 16-8 on Train) in the grand finals of the qualifier.

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SK grabs ECS Season 3 trophy against FaZe on two overtime maps

The Brazilian powerhouse is making a strong case for becoming one of the favorites in the upcoming Major as they win ECS Season 3 over multinational squad FaZe, 2-1 (11-16 on Mirage, 19-17 on Inferno and 19-17 on Train).

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ASUS ROG and Mineski Infinity partners up to bring Mineski Blitz

With the rise of Esports in the gaming industry, we are seeing many titles rising rapidly. PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) and Blizzard's Overwatch are a few of the titles I'm talking about. Unlike before, playing what we call AAA titles needed powerful rigs to play the game. Before, you could play DotA on almost any PC without the worry of getting a low frames per second (fps). But times have changed; to keep up with the competition you also need to consider your computer set up.

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JYP Ends Mineski's DreamHack Run

In an unfortunate series of events, Mineski, the only Filipino team left in DreamHack Masters Malmo India and SEA Qualifiers, was eliminated during their round 8 match against JYPgaming.

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Zowie announces eXTREMESLAND 2017, PH Qualifiers

Zowie have announced the second iteration of eXTREMESLAND featuring a 16-slot tournament focused on the Asia-Oceania region.

Featuring a $100,000 prize pool, the tournament will be held on October 19th to the 22nd, and have 14 regional qualifiers. The regions are as follows:

  • -China (3 slots)
  • -Mongolia
  • -Middle East
  • -India
  • -Indonesia
  • -Australia
  • -Thailand
  • -Malaysia
  • -Taiwan
  • -Singapore
  • -Philippines
  • -Vietnam
  • -Korea
  • -Japan
Only the winners of each regional qualifier will advance to the eXTREMESLAND Lan Finals, with the exception of China, which will boast three slots for its own teams.

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Mineski CSGO: Against all odds in DreamHack Qualifiers

The lone PH team in DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 India and SEA qualifiers, Mineski CS:GO, is on a tough spot. Most of the qualifiers' formidable teams are in their bracket. 

They are currently playing against Dare2Dream from India. While Mineski is the clear favorites, They shouldn't let their guards down as an upset in a bo1 single elimination format is pretty much possible. 

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