Mineski CSGO: Against all odds in DreamHack Qualifiers

The lone PH team in DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 India and SEA qualifiers, Mineski CS:GO, is on a tough spot. Most of the qualifiers' formidable teams are in their bracket. 

They are currently playing against Dare2Dream from India. While Mineski is the clear favorites, They shouldn't let their guards down as an upset in a bo1 single elimination format is pretty much possible. 

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DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017: PH Teams Update

For the second day of DreamHack Masters Malmo India and Sea Qualifiers, two of our three PH Teams bid farewell as Imperium Pro Team and Audacity Esports (formerly Etivac) gets eliminated. IPT drops their game against 7642Alright (Thailand). While Audacity loses to the Vietnamese squad Sabertooth in a highly contested match (14-16 on Mirage). 

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NiP Roster Change: Friberg out, REZ in

In a move that has long been in the making, the Ninjas in Pyjamas have formally announced the departure of Adam "Friberg" Friberg from the squad, a tenure that lasted five years with the legendary storied team.

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Dreamhack Masters Malmo: India and SEA Qualifiers

PH CS has a shot at the world stage as four Filipino teams have currently joined the India & SEA qualifiers of Dreamhack Masters Malmo 2017. Mineski CS:GO, Imperium Pro Team, Fractals, and Audacity Esports (formerly Etivac) are all competing for a chance to play in the Asian qualifiers where Tyloo and Team Immunity are already waiting by being directly invited.

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Two Filipino FPS Teams Qualify for the Big Stage

While Philippine teams are still aiming to get an Asian CS championship trophy, two CrossFire squads from the country gain spots in the game’s largest tournaments.

By virtue of winning the first season of this year’s CrossFire Elite League (CFEL), Pacific.Macta gets a spot to the CrossFire Professional League (CFPL), which is considered to be the game’s top seasonal league.

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PlayPark Philippines to Hold Multi-Title Gaming Festival

While Filipino teams are busy making their names in FPS titles such as CS:GO and CrossFire, another opportunity for the country's aspiring teams is coming nearer.

PlayPark Philippines, the publishers of Special Force and Special Force 2, are about to conduct their respective national championships during the PlayPark All-Stars Event on July 2 this year at the SM North EDSA Skydome.

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BUSINESS REPORT: TNC Slated to Open up Café Franchises in Mindanao

WASD Philippines has received information from sources that TNC is planning to create café franchises in Mindanao in the near future.

Sources describe the move as an attempt to enable TNC to gain a foothold in the Mindanao market and also in order to “benefit from the recent surge of interest in the professional pro scene in the region."

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Esports in Zamboanga: Stakeholders Conduct Regional CSGO League

No big names. No politics. Just plain and pure love of the game.

A combination of entrepreneurs, players, investors and corporate sponsors has joined forces in order to create the first regional CSGO league in Zamboanga, a port city in the Southern Philippines.

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ASUS to Conduct PH Qualifiers for International Esports Tilt

After the conclusion of the Tarlac Esports League as well as the numerous small-scale tournaments organized by different server operators, it seems that there is another big-ticket tournament for Filipino CS fans to look out for.

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mOTv.GG Conquers WASD Summer League 2, Fractals Get Second

Visayas finally has a champion!

It seems that the one-set cushion that mOTv earned in the upper bracket is enough for them to get their first-ever tournament title in recent years.

mOTv.GG, alternatively known as Gaon, won WASD Summer League Wave 2 over erstwhile rivals Fractals, 2-0 (16-11 on Overpass and 16-11 on Mirage). They get the title despite Fractals resetting their bracket in the first day of the finals, 2-1 (16-10 on Train, 13-16 on Mirage and 11-16 on Cache).

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