The First Grand Finalist: Newbee sweeps EG

Newbee just secured their Grand Finals appearance after sweeping EG in an action packed series, here's the recap:

Game One:
The first game featured a classic Puck vs Queen Of Pain matchup on mid. With SumaiL playing Puck. He dominated the laning stage heavily against Sccc's Queen Of Pain. EG went to contest Newbee's safe lane by playing an aggro tri-lane. Newbee secured the first blood but the pressure EG gave limited Sven's farm. Luckily, kpii's Engima was left under radar giving him enough space to farm his Black King Bar. Sccc also recovered from a rough start and was able to get an Orchid of Malevolence. It was pretty back and forth with Newbee getting a head little by little. It was on the 53rd minute that sealed the deal for Newbee as they were able to teamwipe EG. Trailing by a very wide margin, EG opted to tap out as Newbee takes the first game.

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The War in SEA: Faceless triumphs over Clutch Gamers

Faceless eliminates the hometown heroes Clutch Gamers in a convincing fashion. here's the recap:

Game One:
It seems that Invictus Gaming had revealed CG’s weak spot yesterday in the closed-doors group stages. Faceless banned Omniknight during the first phase and picked Spirit Breaker and Io as their support duo. They made some rotation in player roles as Black played Outworld Devourer against Armel’s Troll Warlord. First blood went the way of CG as they were able to kill Bristleback. The early game was so action packed, both teams recorded 16 total kills by 9 minutes. But it was JabZ’s Io who made crucial saves in the game, especially for Black’s OD. Unfortunately for CG, Armel, their star player was not felt in the first game. Although he had a decent farm, he wasn’t able to get a kill, ending it with a KDA of 0/3/4. Black on the other hand, didn’t die with a KDA of 13/0/7. The lead proved to be insurmountable for CG as Faceless was able to siege the high ground by 22 minutes. Faceless takes game one and CG is now on the brink of elimination.

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The Secret Is Out: NP eliminates Secret at Manila Masters

EternalEnvy’s squad managed to overcome Secret’s resilience as they reverse-sweep and eliminate the European squad 2-1 to open the first day of Manila Masters at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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Manila Masters Day 1

The first day of Manila Masters ended with Newbee and Evil Geniuses securing at least top three.  The first set of matches were delayed due to a couple of technical issues. The first round of the upper brackets went as expected with the exception of Newbee vs. Team Secret. Secret had a good run during the Kiev Majors while Newbee seems shaky in their previous LAN events. 

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Here are Your Matchups for the Manila Masters!

Without further ado, here is WASD Philippines’ matchup previews for the Manila Masters!

OG versus NP: Green Wall versus Anime Squad

This is just the second time OG meets up with Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao and his squad, the previous one being at Elimination Mode 2.0 last November, in which OG got a 2-0 clean sweep. NP went through some roster changes after losing to Digital Chaos (previously Team Onyx). In addition, they were not able to secure their appearance in the Kiev Major. Adrian "FATA" Trinks and Johan "pieliedie" Åström replaced Avery "SVG" Silverman and Theeban "1437" Siva, who is now in TNC Pro Team.

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Manila Masters Coverage: Mineski Holds Press Conference, Answers Questions

Mineski, ESL, PLDT and Smart have conducted a press conference on May 24 at the Solaire Resort & Casino, Paranaque, Manila.

Mineski CEO Ronald Robins mentioned that the Philippines has turned into a premier esports destination in Southeast Asia because of having a good audience as well as having partners who believe in the viability of these events. He continues by saying that “seeing new faces in the scene are proof esports in the country is alive and healthy.”

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Finals Recap: TNC Pro Team vs Team Liquid

Starladder i-League Invitational Season 2 is one of the few LAN events that will occur before Valve reveals the invited teams for their most prestigious event, The International. With a new patch kicking in, this event will raise your chance of getting a direct invite provided you get a good placing.

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Fire Base: Is Mindanao the Next Center of Philippine CS?

When I received the reports about Mindanaoan esports organizations planning to conduct multiple CS:GO tournaments in the region, I was shocked and amazed.

On one hand, I was shocked because almost no one expected Mindanao to exceed expectations this year, given that it is an emerging region. It is one thing to be able to consistently conduct Dota 2 tournaments in the region, but seeing at least three major CS tournaments (with at least one reaching P100,000) in Mindanao leave people shocked at how much organizations are actually willing to invest into Counter-Strike tournaments.

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Report: ROG Net Café Chain to Plan Big CS:GO Tournament

WASD Philippines reported in the past two days that several esports entities in Mindanao are set to roll out high-level regional CS tournaments in the upcoming weeks.

In another shocking turn of events, sources relate that a well-established internet café franchise in Davao is about to conduct their own CS competition.

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Report: Iligan-based Organization set to Conduct Major CS Tourney

After WASD Philippines reported yesterday that the Zamboanga eSports League (ZeSL) is planning to conduct a “six-digit” Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament for teams in Mindanao, sources relate that a prominent cyber café chain in Iligan is on the process of finalizing details for a major “Mindanao CS tournament” and is currently negotiating with a “prominent tournament organizer” in order to “partner up and ensure the success of the competition.”

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